Museum Ship Work Party
One of the enjoyable benefits of membership is the time our shipmates spend aboard a navy destroyer museum ship.  Since 2005 we have been supporting the USS Laffey (DD724) at her permanent berth at the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant, SC. (Charleston)

Our purpose aboard is to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of this famous veteran of WWII in the Pacific.  You'll recall that a steel ship in salt water requires a lot of attention. Many spend the entire week while others come for just a few days.  Safety is still #1 and we all work within our own talent and capabilities.

We are berthed and fed aboard ship and just as it was when you were aboard RICH. The 'BS' and laughter never stops. It's an experience which takes you back 40 years or so... at least in your mind.

The next Work Party is slated for Fall, 2012. Join us... you won't regret it.  (Although your muscles may.)
There are other museum ships which conduct similar activities. You can read about them in the November 2007 edition of the 820 Newsletter.  Scroll down to the article entitled "You Have Choices".       Click here.

2008 Work Party
Laffey Needed Hull Repairs
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