14th Annual Ship's Reunion
Reunion 2007: AGTWHBA (A Great Time Was Had By All)



Well, there's another one in the bag.  We're not talking about a sailor... we're talking about great reunions!

A record-setting 181 shipmates, spouses and guests attended this four day event which concluded on Saturday evening in grand style in a elegant ballroom facility decorated with USS Rich imprinted placemats, napkins and wine glasses for each to take home as a memento of the occasion.

Reunion Host Don Hake and his wife Maureen did an outstanding job in attending to the details for our visit. Everyone enjoyed munching on foods unique to the area... kettle-cooked potato chips, hand-made pretzels, Lebanon bologna and various types of cheeses. Also a new record in hot dogs consumed.  Yes, hot dogs.  It seemed the hot dog cooker was running non-stop as the group "woofed" down 311 pounds!  (Maybe the association should purchase a few shares of Oscar Meyer stock.)

The reunion began with a contingent of shipmates appearing before the York County Commission to receive a proclamation "recognizing the men who served on the USS Rich as they gather to renew old friendships, exchange stories and reminisce over the glory days of the USS Rich."

This was our first stay at a Hampton and if this hotel doesn't rank #1 on our list of places we've held reunions, it certainly is ahead of whichever is in second place. The Hampton staff was friendly, cheerful and eager to provide for our needs. From the Front Desk crew to Housekeeping, Maintenance and the team who provided the delicious breakfasts every morning... these fantastic folks define the term "Hospitality".

In addition to our Hospitality Room, there were two lobby areas which were perfect for small group get-togethers, mini-meetings and breakfast of course.  The Hampton provided a 24/7 coffee bar (more accurately, a soft beverage bar)


Ruth at the Front Desk

which saw a lot of action during our stay.  Of course we reciprocated with offers of food sharing and without mentioning names, we had our very own late night "Hot Dog Princess".  (GO 'NOLES!)


We would be remiss in not mentioning Louise, Lucetta, Captain Don and the team over at Wisehaven Banquet and Expo Center.

Their facility and staff were most accommodating us with a stunning place for our Memorial Service and Banquet.

The food was delicious.  Thanks guys!

A huge Thank You to York, PA, and the Hake family (the whole family).  Bravo Zulu... well done!
Shipmates:  Send us your reunion photos on a CD and will post them for all to enjoy.
(Especially the group photos!)
Postal:      Reunion   8926 Phyliss Ave   Sarasota FL 34231-7722

Plank Owners: Bob Stripe, Fred Rockwell, Ed Roggenbuck


Some of the crew at the capitol.

Photos:  Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday


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