Serving her country 1946 - 1977

The life and times of this great ship in photos and word by the great sailors who crewed her.

Reunion 2000

Day 4


A toast!  

Wine compliments of Capt. E.C.Whelan

"This is the Captain speaking..."

Capt. E.C. Whelan provides

 stimulating remarks to the crew.

Chuck Weber provides information about our ailing shipmates and/or their spouses.

Chaplin E.R. "Hoot" Gibson leads the 

Memorial Service for Deceased Shipmates

Francis "Hutch" Hutchinson speaks about the

reunion next year in...  VERMONT!

"Hail, hail... the gang's [nearly] all here!"

New York's Jim Sims

Newly-elected association Secretary Larry Dixon and wife Faye

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