Shipmates Remember...

Our shipmates reminisce about their tour aboard RICH


Photo Gallery
Shipmates...  Then and Now

Here's where the ravages of time show up. Don't be shy.  Send 'em and we'll post 'em

dubois Tour: 62-66    Shipmate:  DuBois, Marshall K, SH2
Dunnigan Tour: 65-67    Shipmate:  Dunnigan, J - SN
Tour: 57-60   Shipmate:  Gibson,ER (Hoot), FTS1
Tour: 68-70    Shipmate:  Paxton, D - IC3
Tour: 46-48    Shipmate:  Roggenbuck, FM2
Tour: 72-73    Shipmate:  Sims, J - CSSN
Skillen J Tour: 64-66    Shipmate:  Skillen, J - SN

Tour: 64-65    Shipmate:  Whitmore,J - RD3

If you don't have a scanner or scanned photos for Then and Now, you can send your snapshots and we'll scan them for you.

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